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Veni et Ostende: an appropriate title! This website is about an ancient medieval tradition rhetorically underlining words in chant with musical codes, words that relate to emotions, logic and storytelling. The rediscovery of this intertextuality (a musical text that tells something about the verbal text) gives us insight into the role that rhetoric played at the time and with it about medieval emotions, logic and storytelling. It shows us an elitist and highly sophisticated tradition, about which chronicles and treatises write (and often complaint) during ten centuries….

This website is designed to communicate with – mainly Dutch and Flemish – scholars and performers about the intertextual analysis of Gregorian chant. Each page has a Google Translate widget, which sometimes helps. Often, we will have a good laugh about the suggested translation, so be it. Apart from articles in Dutch, I intend to publish in English, German and French, so, with some delay and peer-reviewers willing, you might encounter me in a language you understand better than Dutch or what Google-translate makes of it in your language.   

The examples presented in my doctoral thesis Microtones According to Augustine  touch but the surface of a tradition lost since the thirteenth century. The Gregorius Foundation seeks to promote the analysis and the experimental performance of this tradition. Via crowdsourcing, the Foundation hopes to improve the insights about the traditions as notated in the seven digitized sources presented in my thesis. We currently are testing the possibilities of the TRANSKRIBUS software, see under Projects.

In the blogs underneath this introductory text I present the principles of intertextual analysis, projects initiated by the Gregorius Foundation and terminology issues. Details can be found on the pages in the menus above with the same title. The intertextual analyses are also accessible by genre at the bottom of each page.

Have a look and let me know what you think about this site:

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